Rincon Road is a boutique design studio specializing in interiors and hand printed sustainable accessories for your home and lifestyle. Founded by designer Melinda Lord Trembly in 2009, the studio is located in Carpinteria, California.

About Melinda

Born and raised in her quiet corner of Carpinteria on her family’s avocado ranch, located on Rincon Road, Melinda grew up a farm girl. She considers herself fortunate to be able to raise her two children in the same manner, on the same ranch, today.

Melinda has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from the FIDER accredited Design Institute of San Diego, and is certified by NCIDQ. During her schooling and upon graduation she worked for prominent Santa Barbara based architecture and interior design firms. Including Cearnal Andrulaits, LLP and Jessica Helgerson Interior Design. It was a collaboration between the two firms that Melinda’s passion for sustainable design was formed.

Upon the birth of her first child Melinda took the opportunity to be a stay at home mom. After her daughters arrival, and having time to enjoy her home and surroundings, Melinda was inspired to create a line of home and lifestyle accessories. Rincon Road design studio is a combination of Melinda’s love for the hand made and design.

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What my Bio doesn’t say...

First and for most I’m a wife and a mom to two insanely incredible children. My family is my first love, my second love is design. I obsess over both, constantly trying to find the right balance. On any given day I can be found juggling the laundry, dirty diapers, getting meals on the table, and finding some fun time with the kids and dogs. None of which can be tackled before my morning cappuccino. On a good day I get something accomplished for the kids, the husband, the house, the business and my self. So, I’m pretty much like every other mom out there trying to keep it all together. My life is far from glamorous, but I love it!

Design Process

I am constantly inspired by my surroundings. I capture these inspirations armed with my cell phone camera and sketch book, jotting a quick sketch down in a free moment. Each piece is hand printed by block and starts as a sketch. The sketch is then transferred to a rubber block for carving. A surface is chosen and the printing begins. All prints are made with water based ink and I am constantly researching to find the most environmentally responsible materials.

Why Block Print?

I have always had an affection for the hand made. The little imperfections that make a piece so unique are what draws me in. You can use the same block and each time you press it it will give you a different look and feel. I’m also a self described texture junkie, the hand of a material is so important to me, I love being able to feel the print on the material. Nothing you get from a machine can replicate that feeling. Making it all the more perfectly imperfect, just like my life!

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